Boreo and Sievi Capital


Stronger together

The proposed combination between Boreo and Sievi will form the following value-creating strengths:

  1. Boreo’s and Sievi Capital’s proposed combination creates one of the leading growth platforms for small and medium-sized companies on the Nasdaq Helsinki Stock Exchange. The Future Company will be geographically diversified in Northern Europe and has business operations in Finland, Sweden, Baltics and Russia.

  2. Stronger financial position and conditions for the Future Company’s acquisition-driven growth: a strong financial position provides a basis for the implementation of an acquisition-driven strategy and significant growth.

  3. Even better and stronger conditions for the growth and development of independent businesses and personnel: The Future Company will create even better conditions for the improvement of operational efficiency, the utilisation of best practices, synergies between businesses and a stronger offering to its customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. For the personnel, the Future Company offers even better opportunities for development and growth.

The Future Company’s strategy will be based on Boreo’s current strategy, acknowledging the business operations and strengths of the new combined entity.

The Future Company will serve as a growth platform for its companies and employees, create growth through acquisitions, and focus on creating operative efficiencies and shareholder value in the long term. The main focus areas of the strategy will be:

  • Acquisitions – The Future Company will generate growth through acquisitions and be expanded to new areas and industries through platform acquisitions. The business operations of the Future Company will be increased by acquiring independent companies which strengthen existing operations, in addition to which the current business operations will be strengthened by add-on acquisitions.

  • Operative efficiency – The Future Company will develop a systematic way to improve operative efficiency and give a better basis for improving organic growth and profitability.

  • People & Culture – Developing employees and providing opportunities for people is at the heart of the Future Company’s value creation model. The entrepreneurial approach of Boreo and Sievi creates a strong foundation for the development of culture in the combined company.

Contact information and press images

Jussi Majamaa

CEO, Sievi Capital Plc
+358 400 412 127

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Kari Nerg

CEO, Boreo Plc
+358 44 341 8514

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